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Satria and THE MONSTER, the rock blues music was formed in Bintaro in 2011; ACHMAD SATRIA is on Vocal and lead guitar, ANDI IWAN on Bass and Backing Vocal, DIMAS JM on Drum and Percussion.   Their music genre is a combination of rock, blues and jazz; famous with the brothers playing music blues.   They are participated in many Festivals in Indonesia and also win as runner up in Enjoy Jakarta 2014, etc.


Bass G

Jakarta based Tenor Saxophonist, commonly referred to as Bass G by his peers and audience. With reputation as a first-call young jazz and fusion saxophonist during his study in Singapore, Bass G presents a new and exciting spectrum of Jazz that is accessible by many. 


Nesia Ardi

Having born in a music family, NESIA ARDI has interested in painting / scratches and music, especially singing in a very young age.  Her father was pianist who passed away before Nesia could learn music from him.  However, his collection of CDs and Cassettes from Bob James, Nick Mamahit, Laura Fygi, Tania Maria, Ermi Kullit has made Nesia attracted to Jazz. 

Nesia studied vocal at Institut Daya Indonesia guided by Tjut Nyak Deviana and .  She has won many sing competition and band.  She collaborate with many musician such as Sri Hanuraga, Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna, Nial Djuliarso , Andy Gomez, etc..  Nesia has produced 1 (one) album duet with Robert Mulyarahadja.

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Music is the driving force in my whole life, said NICKY MANUPUTTY; the vivid musician who was born and raised in Vught, South Netherlands in 1978  and having Moluccan roots, the achipelago known as the Spice Islands in East Indonesia.   At 8, Nicky picked up the saxophone and therefore followed the footsteps of his father Dicky. 

For more than 5 years, he joined the local music school in Vught and  then moved to the music scene in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and music city for musicians.  In 1998, Nicky collaborated with famous DJs ie. DJ Denniz, DJ Roog, DJ Robert Feelgood as Saxxattack and played at annual Fast Forward Dance Parade with 100.000 audiences.  In 2002 touring with the famous Dutch female singer Do (Dominique Verhulst), a worldwide number 1 hit called "Heaven" featuring Dj-Sammy for three years; then in 2005 Nicky moved to Jakarta.  He is touring around Indonesia & South-East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and even Australia.  

Nicky Manuputty finally released his first solo album “My Story” in 2012 and did promotour not only in Indonesia but also in Holland.  He in fact had recordings and tours with Indonesia musicians ie.  Andre Hehanusa, Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Barry Likumahuwa, Idang Rasjidi, Ruth Sahanaya, Ello, Sandy Sandhoro and many more; and played in festivals.  In 2013 Nicky played with DJ Otis Hats in the famous Supperclub in Holland with a great success.



Coming from a music family, Muhammad REGA Dauna, was born in Jakarta 6th Oct 1997. His father, Glenn Dauna plays piano and Indra Artie Dauna on trumpet.  REGA, a self-taught musician plays Chromatic Harmonica.  He participated Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Malaysia in 2012 and the 2nd winner of Indonesia Mencari Bakat in 2014. He has played with Twilight Orchestra, Addie MS and recording with Erwin Gutawa, Tulus, Vidy Aldiano, Andine, etc. and participated in festivals too.