DAY 11



Three Song


17 yo Samuel Song on Bass, 14 yo Josafat Song on Drums and 12 yo Abraham Song on Guitar was formed a band in 2011 called “Three Song” with their father, Dodo Mikha on Piano who has Pondok Daud MusiCare in Lampung and founder of Student on Stage (SOS).  Three Song continued taking part on various Jazz Festival in Jakarta and World Youth Jazz in Malaysia. 

SAM started playing drum at 5 years old and change to bass when he was 12 years old. On his 15 years old, Sam received Young and Talented Musician from Universitas Indonesia in Jazz Goes to Campus 2014.  He was the first youngest who received this recognition.  JOSH, who loves animals, is on drum and had been invited by Mokhtar Samba (Drummer, Santana) to join his clinic.  ABE as called for Abraham, was started playing percussion, drum, piano and guitar… He finally choose guitar.

Jazz for Nature: Hippotrack became the first album telling about animal, nature and family; “Kalahari Noon” as 2nd Album, then producing another album LIVE recording at iCanStudioLive in 2015 and sell on iTunes.